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Yjlgr7aov3 opinó de Chevrolet Bell Air
Abolish The Rtovia Antidote by Sauvik on 6/1/08new Delhi: June 1, 2008: 2000hrsmy inquiries have realeevd that a 10-year old Bajaj autorickshaw that runs on Cng (and possesses a permit from the Rto to ply on our city streets) costs 2,50,000 rupees.my own 7-year old Opel Corsa with a 1.4 litre petrol engine, air-conditioning, power steering, power windows and central locking commands a resale value of not more than 80,000 rupees.three Opel Corsas for one Bajaj autorickshaw?is that a bum deal or what?the permit to ply an autorickshaw is issued by the Regional Transport Officer (rto).if this office was abolished, and there was complete freedom to ply any vehicle for commercial purposes, autorickshaws would be junked.passengers would travel in good cars and taxi drivers would drive good taxis as well.win-win.if we add duty-free second-hand car imports to this scenario, the road transportation sector would leapfrog into the modern age.fleet owners would own fleets of modern cars like the highly durable Mercedes Benz, the chosen vehicle for taxi services in much of the world.what about driving licenses? another power that the Rto has.well, car insurance companies can take over this vital function, and since they have a financial interest in seeing that only good drivers get insurance, they will do this job well.another great idea from the Antidote blog?go on spread the virus.

Lo mejor: LU1g5CZ5s
Lo peor: dgdU91Mb
Los costos de mantenimiento del Bell Air son normales
Miguel opinó de Chevrolet Bell Air
El Bell Air es un clásico que dio un extraordinario resultado, el que estén aun funcionando en perfecto estado, así lo demuestran. El que poseo, By Reid de Luxe, del 54, es Igual a Bell Air, solo entraron 9 al pais, comp`rados por el ex presidente peron, llegando al pais con esta designacion. Actualmente es el unico registrado en el pais que aun sigue funcionando.

Lo mejor: Con mas de 60 años circulando por todo terreno, aun tiene un andar maravilloso
Lo peor: Lento el burro de arranque, pero no falla nunca
Los costos de mantenimiento del Bell Air son muy bajos

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